My research has been featured in a variety of media and practitioner outlets such as The Harvard Business Review, The Times (UK), the Telegraph, the Financial Times, The World Economic Forum, and many more...

 Impact Generated (Example Research Project: Algorithmic Management)


Impact (academia):


·     Publication in top IS journal: Möhlmann, M., Zalmanson, L., Henfridsson, O., Gregory, R. W. (2021), Algorithmic Management of Work on Online Labor Platforms: When Matching Meets Control, MIS Quarterly, 54(4), 1999-2022.


·     ·Publication in top IS journal: Möhlmann, M., Salge, C, Marabelli, M.: Algorithm Sensemaking: How Platform Workers Make Sense of Algorithmic Management, Journal of the Association of Information Systems (JAIS), forthcoming.


·     The paper is among the first in the IS discipline to address algorithmic management. Ever since, the topic has been the major focus at several conference events, such as the Academy of Management PDW on “Algorithmic Management” in 2021, and the WI conference panel on “Algorithmic Management” in 2022, and the Academy of Management PDW “Digital Platform Economy” PDW in 2019 – Mareike Möhlmann was invited speaker at these events


·  Mareike presented the paper at numerous conferences and seminars, including but not limited to: TU Berlin 2022, LMU Munich 2022, Bentley University Research Showcase 2021, Weizenbaum Institute 2021, London School of Economics 2020, ICIS conference 2017, Intern. Workshop on the Sharing Economy in Lund 2017


Public interest, broad dissemination, and impact (beyond academia):  


·     The findings were covered on the front page of The Times (UK print version) and in over 200 press and TV outlets, including PBS, USA Today, ABC, and CBS. Mareike has shared insights from this research in several podcasts (e.g., University of Sydney podcast in 2021).


·     The authors have been invited to discuss their research with private and public sector organizations: Facebook (2021), the Public Policy Centre in Belgrade (2021), MKAI (2021), the UK Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (2019), and at large practitioner conferences in Europe (Re:publica).  


·    The research project motivated a stream of Harvard Business Review articles to help managers learn how to manage more ethically in algorithmically managed environments, and to help workers on these platforms to sustain their autonomy and wellbeing


·       Jarrahi, M, Möhlmann, M., Lee, M. K. Algorithmic Management: When machine is supervising and evaluating the workforce, MIT Sloan Management Review (digital).  

·       Möhlmann, M. and Henfridsson, O. (2021): What people hate about being managed by algorithms, Harvard Business Review, Special Issue, November 2021, (short/magazine, print). 

·       Möhlmann, M (2021): Subtile Kontrolle - Subtle Control, Harvard Business Manager (extended German version of the Harvard Business Review), November Issue, (short/magazine, print).

·       Möhlmann, M. (2021): Algorithmic nudges don't have to be unethical, Harvard Business Review (short/digital), 22 April 2021.

·       Möhlmann, M. and Henfridsson, O. (2019): What people hate about being managed by algorithms, according to a study of Uber drivers, Harvard Business Review (short/digital), 30 August 2019. 


·    In January 2022, Mareike Möhlmann presented findings from this paper and her work about algorithmic nudging at a United Nations Roundtable focusing on “Digital Nudging for Climate Change”. She was asked to provide written input for a UN report.


·   The authors have been advised that two online labor platform organizations in Israel have used the article’s insights to inform the design of their algorithms for ride-hailing and delivery services, and that Israel drivers' labor unions have also met with drivers to discuss the implications for worker autonomy.